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About Me

The movement of people is nothing new to humanity. There are millions of people that live outside of their country of birth because of economic, social and political reasons. The world is so large, yet everyone knows the world is so small. Since there are over 100 countries represented within the United States, the phrase: “melting-pot of cultures,” couldn’t be more accurate. While thinking of the influence of human geography, my artwork considers issues of alienation and diaspora. Diaspora frequently raises questions of identity and territory with a tone of grief and loss, that my artwork transforms into a tone of freedom and realized dreams. As a first-generation immigrant, I have lost the experience of living in my country of origin, yet I have gained a rooted understanding for multiculturalism and the advantage of bilingualism. One of the most special aspects of being human is our interconnectedness through differences. As I continue my search for cultural understanding, through travel and experience, I have realized that though the foundations of life remain consistent throughout the world, greater than that are the distinctions amongst people.
It is my identity as a dual citizen and the identities of those that I meet, that has brought me to understand my interest in human geography. My artwork focuses on my dualities of living between cultures and their different social constructs and the polarities that link across: language, topography and food. The mixing of form and color alludes to the affinity of the world through the differences of cultural practices and customs. Through a very intuitive process, culture is reflected on the canvas as a representation of the social relations that work dependently with place and environment. My intuitive process allows me to create visual balance while reacting to previous layers of paint with controlled decisions. The appearance of unique and unexpected shapes is symbolic of earths geography, its connectedness and its disjunction. The use of bright colors and irregular planes create inviting scenes where forms of color intertwine, overlap and barely touch, creating a sense of tension that depicts the general mobility of cultures. Focusing on visual harmony and enhanced rhythm, my work leaves room for ambiguity and individual interpretation.